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for linking Behaviour Change Techniques and Mechanisms of Action

The Theory & Techniques Tool is an interactive resource providing information about links between behaviour change techniques (BCTs) and their mechanisms of action (MoAs). This information is based on MRC-funded research triangulating evidence of links made by authors in published scientific studies and by expert consensus [Project Website - http://www.ucl.ac.uk/behaviour-change-techniques]. It was developed to support intervention designers, researchers and theorists in the development and evaluation of theory-based interventions.
The Theory and Techniques Tool

About the Tool

The BCT-MoA links in the heat map were identified in the MRC-funded programme of research, the Theory & Techniques of Behaviour Change Project. The project investigated links from the published scientific literature and links agreed by experts in consensus exercises, and produced a final ‘triangulation’ between these two sources of evidence. Click below for more info on the development of the tool.

About the Tool
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How to use the tool

Each cell on the heat map has the facility to explore the evidence for one BCT-MoA link, based on the Literature Synthesis, Expert Consensus and Triangulation studies.

Get involved

Connect and share data with other users

Set up a free account to engage in discussions about BCT-MoA links and contribute suggestions for collaborative research efforts with other researchers interested in the same links that you are. With your account set up, you can also share articles, datasets, presentations, media and other relevant resources relevant to the cells of interest by adding a link from your preferred file sharing application or website.

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The Human Behaviour Change Project

The tool forms part of the Human Behaviour Change Project, a collaboration between world-leading institutions to develop a Knowledge System that can synthesise, interpret and deliver evidence on behaviour change interventions.

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